Mission Statement

The mission of the Academy for Social Action is to cultivate, educate, and graduate tomorrow's leaders while inspiring them to shape the many communities in which they reside. ASA students will become college-bound family and community leaders who are concerned for the rights and welfare of others, socially responsible, and confident in their capacity to make a difference. Our students will realize their innate potential and learn to capitalize on their strengths by understanding where they are now and focusing on their futures.

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News and Announcements

2011 - 2012 Department of Education School Year Calendar
Please read carefully. This is for each and every student!!!
The Discipline Code and Bill of Student Rights and Responsibilities
Chancellor’s Regulation A 412 Section V
Cell phones, ipods, beepers and other communication devices are
prohibited on school property. However, a principal may grant permission for a student to bring a cell phone into a school building for medical reasons only.
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